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We’re helping homeowners across the UK lower their emissions and energy bills.
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What does an energy-efficient home look like?

You generate your own energy:

Our heat pumps and solar panels harness the air, ground, and sun to power your home sustainably. This means freeing yourself from fossil fuels and lessening your reliance on the grid.

Your home is well insulated:

Upgraded wall, loft, and cavity wall insulation can seriously improve your home’s energy efficiency. A comforting boost to your warmth and a welcome cut to your energy bills.

You have control over energy use:

Our renewable energy solutions come with smart technologies that give you greater visibility, extra comfort, and more agency over your home’s energy consumption.

Why power your home with renewable energy?

Lower your energy costs

Following your initial investment, switching to renewable energy can cut your monthly bills by as much as 60%

Increase the value of your property

Investing in insulation and renewable energy sources can enhance your home's Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and increase your property value by up to 3%*
*WWF 2023

Cut your carbon footprint

You can save hundreds of tonnes of carbon emissions throughout the lifespan of your renewable energy system, making a significant contribution to the future of our planet

Save more with a government grant

The government-backed ECO4 and Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) are making renewable energy more affordable than ever for homeowners.

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Our home services

Explore our renewable energy services for your home

Harness the natural warmth of the earth and heat your home efficiently with a ground source heat pump
Heat your home sustainability and add value to your property with an air source heat pump
Make power while the sun shines and reduce your energy bills with solar PV for your home
Electric car charging at home

Our solutions

We have designed and installed some of the most complex and impactful renewable energy solutions for properties of all shapes and sizes.

Upgrade to a smarter, efficient energy system for your home

Boost your comfort and take control of your bills with our renewable energy services:
Air source heat pump and solar PV installed at a bungalow on a community farmstead
“The solar panels and the renewables side of things were always something we’d considered, It was a big motivation in trying to make the property greener; The bungalow feels very different with the heat pump running, it feels drier and warmer. I would definitely recommend [Cotswold] to install it; they installed the whole system in four days!”

Feel the warmth by improving your home’s insulation

Keep the heat in and enhance the efficiency of your home with our insulation services:
“We’re delighted with the result, grass has recovered well and crucially in time for the wedding that was held the summer following install”
Property near Tetbury, Gloucestershire selects Cotswold Energy Group to install Ground Source Heat Pump in garden to cover heating and hot water load

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