Air source heat pump and solar PV installed at a bungalow on a community farmstead
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Anthony Waters



Lifetime savings

949 kg

Carbon saved

Projected over a 20 year lifespan

The property

Tregovenek means “a place of hope” in Cornish. This community benefit society on the outskirts of Pensilva, Cornwall is on a mission to establish a diverse and thriving farmstead. The site aims to involve and inform the local community in food security and sustainability projects. One of the key elements of the Tregovenek site is a residential bungalow, which needed to be energy-efficient and sustainable in keeping with the project’s goals.

Our approach

We replaced the property’s inefficient electric storage heaters with an air source heat pump, accompanied by a solar PV array to supplement the heat pump’s electricity consumption.

The results

The property had previously suffered with issues of cold and damp, which were remedied with the installation of an air source heat pump. The heat pump is around 3.5 times more efficient than the bungalow’s previously electric storage heaters, and the property is now pleasantly dry and warm. The additional solar PV array further contributes to carbon and cost savings.

“The solar panels and the renewables side of things were always something we’d considered, It was a big motivation in trying to make the property greener; The bungalow feels very different with the heat pump running, it feels drier and warmer. I would definitely recommend [Cotswold] to install it; they installed the whole system in four days!”

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