Manor House

Farmhouse transforms disused field into a reliable heat source to cover the entire property's heating and hot water demand
Services installed:
Ground Source Heat Pumps
At a glance



Lifetime savings

430 tonnes

Carbon saved

Projected over a 20 year lifespan

The property

The peak heat load for the property is 28kW. This is to achieve British Heating Standards (21C in living rooms, 18C in bedrooms and kitchen and 22C in bathrooms) when the outside temperature is -1.8C. Based on this heat load the 35kW CTC GSHP was perfectly sized to cover this load. This unit required a 3 phase electricity connection, which was already in place.

Flow temp 55

System size 35 kW

Based on the heating and hot water requirement from the customer’s EPC, running cost savings in the region of £1,510 per annum are estimated, compared to Oil. The new heat pump has an expected lifetime of 20 years which could generate up to £30,650 of savings in comparison to Oil.

Over the 20-year lifetime of the new heat pump system, the owner will save 427.35 tonnes of CO2

Our approach

The installation faced many multi-faceted challenges, with regards to both the the pipework and plant located inside the property, but also externally in terms of managing pipework installation whilst ensuring neat groundworks.

The results

The works took a little under a month and the project was completed on time and on budget. Cotswold Energy Group were responsible for liaising with other contractors (as other works took place at the same time), the end result was a stunning installation, installed on a tight deadline for a very happy customer.

“I am very happy with the CTC products and the support provided. The house is now very warm, and we have an abundance of hot water which is not how it has always been. I have to say it could not have gone better. I would certainly use this team in the future as they are extremely professional and provide a high quality service”

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