Cherry Tree Cottage

Stunning Cotswold cottage installs Air Source Heat Pump to cover full heating and hot water demand and reduce carbon footprint.
Services installed:
Air Source Heat Pumps
At a glance



Lifetime savings

119 tonnes

Carbon saved

Projected over a 20 year lifespan

The property

Cherry Tree Cottage is a 90 m2 semi-detached old solid stone property located in Coberley, in the heart of the Cotswolds. The property is due to be extended later this year, which was accounted for at the design stage, so the heat pump can cover the additional future load.

Our approach

A 10kW Midea Air Source Heat Pump was installed with an unvented hot water cylinder, which supplies all of the heating and hot water demand for the property. In order to maximise the efficiency of the system, we upgraded 50% of the radiators in the property. This caused little disruption as the width of the radiators remained the same but were made taller or deeper where necessary.

The results

The homeowner is now benefitting from the financial and carbon savings from replacing their aging oil boiler, as well as the bonus advantage of improved water pressure thanks to the unvented hot water cylinder.

“Fabulous Air Source Heat Pump Installation. Cotswold Energy Group fitted our Air Source Heat Pump in March ’22. The whole team were fabulous from the initial consultation right through to the plumbing and electrical fitting. Special thanks go to Zoe who kept in contact throughout. The plumbers, Craig and Christoph were fabulous as was James the electrician. The pipework is complex (especially connecting with the cylinder) and the result is very neat especially bearing in mind the small space we gave them to work with. The whole job was completed in 6 days. Our old stone cottage is lovely and warm at last (without having under floor heating!) and the water pressure is so much better than it was with our old oil boiler system. The added bonus is we are so pleased to be free of fossil fuels. Thank you to the whole Cotswold Energy team.”

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