Heat pump and solar array + battery installed as a bill-busting replacement for LPG
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Simon Lisk



Lifetime savings

40 tonnes

Carbon saved

Projected over a 20 year lifespan

The property

Rising fuel costs have impacted everyone, and rural properties off the gas grid are certainly no exception. This homeowner in Elkstone, Gloucestershire saw a sharp rise in his LPG fuel bills, and decided to shop around for energy savings. We recommended a heat pump to provide affordable heating throughout the property, and solar panels with a storage battery to reduce energy bills.

Our approach

We installed a 16kW Midea air source heat pump with a 300 litre heat pump cylinder to meet the property’s heat requirements. We also delivered seventeen 400w Longi panels for a total 6.8kW solar system, accompanied by two SolaX 5.8 kWh batteries to store electricity for usage during low-light periods.

The results

The always-on heat pump introduced a significant step change to the household, no longer reliant on setting timers to optimise heating usage around high energy bills. With the accompanying solar array, the property saw a reduction in its heat and electricity bills amounting to several hundred pounds a month.

We were impressed with the thoroughness of the survey, we were impressed with the guys who came to do the installation, we were impressed with the overall quality of the work. It’s really nice having people working with us who are very personable and very easy to have around.

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