Warm and Well

Funding for energy-saving home upgrades

What is Warm and Well?

The Warm and Well schemes aim to raise awareness around cold homes and how they can impact our health and wellbeing. 

Warm and Well began in Gloucestershire in 2001. 

The scheme provides energy-efficient advice and administers grant funding for eligible households within the county.

Is Warm and Well available in my county?

Following the launch and subsequent success of Warm and Well Gloucestershire, other counties across the UK have rolled out their own Warm and Well initiatives. 

This includes Warm and Well in North Yorkshire. 

To find out if your county has a Warm and Well service we advise contacting your local council. 

Am I eligible?

Warm and Well Gloucestershire

You could be entitled to fully-funded insulation and low-carbon heating through Warm and Well Gloucestershire if:

Your household income is below £31,000 per year

You own or privately rent an energy-inefficient property

Warm and Well North Yorkshire

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire has access to emergency funds for those in urgent need. You could be eligible for financial support if:

You are unable to afford your energy bills or you’re worried about heating your home

You are on a low income or benefits

You are a family with young children

You have physical or mental health issues

How do I apply for Warm and Well funding?

Warm and Well Gloucestershire

If you think you could be eligible for funding, you can register your interest via the Warm and Well Gloucestershire website

Warm and Well North Yorkshire

You can refer yourself, or someone else, for funding via the Warm and Well in North Yorkshire website

Warm and Well home visits

Both Warm and Well schemes can organise for an energy advisor to come and visit you in your home. 

A home visit can help you make changes that will save money immediately, such as setting heating controls, installing energy-efficient LED light bulbs or identifying where your home may be leaking heat.

Contact the Warm and Well advice lines to discuss a visit to your home.

Warm and Well Gloucestershire: 0800 500 3076

Warm and Well North Yorkshire: 01609 767 555

Warm and Well partnerships

Warm and Well Gloucestershire is managed by Severn Wye Energy Agency on behalf of the seven local authorities in South Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire. 

They also work closely with the NHS Gloucestershire clinical commissioning group. 

Warm and Well in North Yorkshire works with a number of partner organisations such as: 

  • North Yorkshire Citizens Advice and Law Centre 
  • Community First Yorkshire 
  • North Yorkshire Council 
  • North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service 
  • YES Energy Solutions

Warm and Well impact stats

Warm and Well Gloucestershire

Since the launch of Warm and Well Gloucestershire in 2001, the scheme has supported the installation of over 60,000 energy-efficient measures. These include loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, energy-efficient boilers, sustainable heating systems, solar photovoltaics and solid wall insulation.


Warm and Well North Yorkshire

In 2023, Warm and Well in North Yorkshire shared their impact for the first half of the year:

  • 2,844 clients supported
  • 14,948 issues dealt with 
  • £854,296 in financial gains for clients 
  • £32,664 in financial support via fuel vouchers and heat fund applications

How can my home benefit from better energy efficiency?

Lower energy bills

Switching from your traditional heating system to an energy-efficient boiler can result in huge energy savings and a significant reduction in energy bills.

Reduced carbon footprint

Energy-efficient heating systems produce fewer emissions than other methods, making them the eco-friendly choice for your home and the planet.

Increased property value

The addition of green energy sources has been proven to substantially increase the value of a property, with a growing demand for renewable energy.

Save more with a government grant

The government-backed ECO4 and Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) are making renewable energy more affordable than ever for homeowners.

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“We’re delighted with the result, grass has recovered well and crucially in time for the wedding that was held the summer following install”
Property near Tetbury, Gloucestershire selects Cotswold Energy Group to install Ground Source Heat Pump in garden to cover heating and hot water load

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