Barclays Greener Home Reward

Rewards of up to £2,000 for an energy-saving home improvement

What is the Barclays Greener Home Reward?

The Barclays Greener Home Reward is aiming to make the cost of sustainable home improvements more achievable for homeowners. 

If you have a residential mortgage with Barclays, you can claim a  reward of up to £2,000 to improve the energy efficiency of your home. 

The home improvement works must be carried out by a TrustMark registered business, such as Cotswold Energy. 

Am I eligible?

You can register for the Greener Home Reward if you:

Have a Barclays residential mortgage

Are improving the energy efficiency of the property listed on your mortgage

Choose energy-saving improvements from Barclays' list of eligible home upgrades (details below)

Haven’t previously claimed the reward (one claim per residential property, which must be your main home)

Pay your mortgage by Direct Debit - Barclays will pay the reward into the same account

Are not in mortgage arrears at the time of registration

Save more with a government grant

The government-backed ECO4 and Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) are making renewable energy more affordable than ever for homeowners.

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How can my home benefit from sustainable improvements?

Lower energy bills

Switching from your traditional heating system to an energy-efficient boiler can result in huge energy savings and a significant reduction in energy bills.

Reduced carbon footprint

Energy-efficient heating systems produce fewer emissions than other methods, making them the eco-friendly choice for your home and the planet.

Increased property value

Green energy sources are proven to increase the value of a property, with a growing demand for renewable energy amongst savvy buyers.

What home improvements are recognised by the
Barclays Greener Home Reward?

Low carbon heating
£2000 reward

Air source heat pump
Ground source heat pump
Biomass pellet boiler

Solar energy
£1000 reward

Solar PV panels
Solar thermal (solar hot water heating)
Solar battery storage

£1000 reward

Solid wall insulation

£500 reward

Loft / pitch roof / flat roof insulation
Cavity wall / Room in roof insulation
Underfloor / Suspended floor insulation

Only one Greener Home Reward can be awarded per household and it must be your primary residence. 

You can’t make a second claim for additional properties or improvement measures.

How long will the Barclays Greener Home Reward scheme run? 

The Greener Home Reward from Barclays has recently been extended. 

You now have until 31 January 2024 to register and until 31 July 2024 to claim your reward.

How do I apply for the Barclays Greener Home Reward? 

Cotswold Energy Group is a TrustMark registered business.

This means if you qualify for a Barclays Greener Home Reward, we can carry out the work to improve the energy efficiency of your home. 

Contact us today and our team can help you: 

✅ Identify the best energy-efficient upgrades for your home

✅ Apply for a Barclays Greener Home Reward or another energy grant you may be eligible for

What are the aims of the Barclays Greener Home Reward? 

The Barclays Greener Home Reward is a pilot scheme designed to incentivise homeowners to make climate-friendly home improvements.

A research study of 2000 homeowners carried out by Barclays found that energy usage is a top priority for many households. 

Three-quarters (75%) of the homeowners they spoke to intend to make energy-efficient improvements to their homes. What’s more, the vast majority (90%) would like to make those improvements within five years. 

Despite this, the research highlights cost as a prohibitive barrier to homeowners making sizable improvements to their homes and energy efficiency. 

Barclays is trialling its ‘test-and-learn’ cash reward initiative to see if this results in a greater uptake of greener home improvements.

I don’t have a mortgage with Barclays -
do other lenders offer green rewards? 

Thankfully, yes. More and more lenders are recognising the importance of sustainability and offering incentives to homeowners who invest in eco-friendly improvements. 

Other high street lenders with green perks on offer include: 


If you have a mortgage with Nationwide, you could be eligible for their ‘green’ borrowing initiative. This means you can borrow between £5,000 and £15,000, interest-free, on a two-year or five-year fix, to carry out sustainable home improvements. 


With a Halifax mortgage, you could be entitled to cashback for energy-efficient home improvements. This includes up to £1,000 for a heat pump installation and up to £500 for insulation upgrades.

Virgin Money 

Virgin offers £250 cashback for their existing mortgage holders who borrow additional money to carry out green home improvements. At least £2,500 must be spent to qualify for the cashback.  

The best way to find out what you’re eligible for is to speak to your mortgage lender about green improvements for your home and see what they can do for you. 

What does an energy-efficient home look like?

You generate your own energy: Heat pumps and solar panels harness the air, ground, and sun to power your home sustainably. This means freeing yourself from fossil fuels and lessening your reliance on the grid.

Your home is well insulated: Upgraded wall, loft, and cavity wall insulation can seriously improve your home’s energy efficiency. A comforting boost to your warmth and a welcome cut to your energy bills.

You have control over energy use: Many renewable energy solutions come with smart technologies that give you greater visibility, extra comfort, and more agency over your home’s energy consumption.

How do I apply for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme?

Cotswold Energy Group is an MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), TrustMark and RECC accredited renewables installer for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.

The admin of the BUS scheme is the installer’s responsibility which means we will process the application on your behalf.

If you believe you are eligible for BUS funding, please contact us and we will: 

  1. Confirm whether your proposed boiler upgrade is eligible for a grant 
  2. Provide a quote for your chosen renewable energy upgrade (with BUS funding deducted)
  3. Provide your details to Ofgem who will contact you to confirm your consent for Cotswold Energy to apply on your behalf
  4. Confirm your boiler upgrade installation date which will be carried out and completed in line with our company standards and the requirements of the Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Our solutions

We have designed and installed some of the most complex and impactful renewable energy solutions for properties of all shapes and sizes.

Upgrade to a smarter, efficient energy system for your home

Boost your comfort and take control of your bills with our renewable energy services:
Air source heat pump and solar PV installed at a bungalow on a community farmstead
“The solar panels and the renewables side of things were always something we’d considered, It was a big motivation in trying to make the property greener; The bungalow feels very different with the heat pump running, it feels drier and warmer. I would definitely recommend [Cotswold] to install it; they installed the whole system in four days!”

Feel the warmth by improving your home’s insulation

Keep the heat in and enhance the efficiency of your home with our insulation services:
“We’re delighted with the result, grass has recovered well and crucially in time for the wedding that was held the summer following install”
Property near Tetbury, Gloucestershire selects Cotswold Energy Group to install Ground Source Heat Pump in garden to cover heating and hot water load

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