The Springs

Beautiful grade 2 listed building installs 2 x ASHP units to cover full heating and hot water requirement.
Services installed:
Air Source Heat Pumps
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Richard Erskine



Lifetime savings

163 tonnes

Carbon saved

Projected over a 20 year lifespan

The property

The Springs is a 200 years old Listed Building, with all the staples of a traditional Cotswold property – solid stone walls, single glazing, solid floors. Gloucestershire. The homeowners had undertaken as many practical insulation measures as possible prior to installing the Air Source Heat Pump to reduce heat consumption, such as draught measures on the doors and windows and loft insulation, but ultimately a heat pump was the most cost-effective measure to reduce their carbon footprint.

Our approach

We replaced a failing 25 year old gas boiler with two 11.2kW Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps and a 300L hot water cylinder.

The results

The property’s large heat demand was established at the heat load assessment stage and the design was tailored accordingly, to ensure the Air Source Heat Pumps had sufficient capacity to cover this load and most importantly, that the radiators for each room were sized correctly to output this heat at an efficient flow temperature.

“Heat Pump working well in our old house. We had a failing 25 year old gas boiler and wanted to go for a green option and decided to get an Air Source Heat Pump. We’d only done most retrofit measures – loft insulation and draught measures for doors and windows. We selected Cotswold Energy Group, who did a thorough survey, analysis and proposal. Despite living in an old house, there was very little disruption – the installers were excellent. We were also helped with our paperwork (grant application). We have had excellent post installation hand-holding as we got to know the system, and now just let it do its thing. Despite it being a 200 years old Listed Building with solid walls, the system has performed very well, as per the design and specification. We are very pleased with it.”

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