How High Heat Retention Storage Heaters Could Reduce Your Energy Bills

Find out everything you need to know about High Heat Retention Storage Heaters including how to use them plus how much they cost to install & run

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Having an energy efficient heating system is one of the easiest ways to reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable to live in. Depending on your current heating solution, high heat retention storage heaters could help you lower your overall energy consumption while keeping your home just as warm as before. They’re typically a smart investment if you currently have standard storage heaters installed in your home and are looking for an upgrade that will save you money in the long run.

In this guide, we’ll help you to better understand exactly how a new set of modern storage heaters could benefit your household as well as the savings you can expect to see.

What Are High Heat Retention Storage Heaters?

High heat retention storage heaters are advanced home heating systems that are designed to use energy more efficiently than standard electric storage heaters. Unlike traditional heaters that use electricity as and when they’re switched on, high retention storage heaters need to be charged overnight to make the most of cheaper off-peak electricity rates. This stored heat can then be released and used during the day when energy costs are usually higher, giving homeowners more control over their heating and energy bills.

The heaters have the ability to store heat for long periods of time due to their advanced insulation materials, which significantly reduce heat loss. The core of these heaters is typically made of dense materials that have a high heat capacity, such as ceramic bricks or other specialist materials, which can absorb a large amount of heat and then gradually release it over time.

Why Choose High Heat Retention Storage Heaters?

Choosing high heat retention storage heaters for your home comes with a whole host of benefits compared to other heating solutions, including traditional heaters. Some of these benefits include:

  •       Cost Efficiency: High heat retention storage heaters are designed to operate during off-peak electricity hours, taking advantage of lower energy rates, leading to lower energy bills.
  •       Energy Efficiency: Advanced insulation materials minimise heat loss, ensuring that almost all the energy used to heat up your heaters is effectively turned into useful heat output over time.
  •       Smart Control Features: Smart storage heaters are equipped with sophisticated controls including programmable timers, adjustable thermostats, and remote control via smartphone apps.
  •       Safety and Reliability: High heat retention storage heaters are safe and reliable, as they don’t involve the combustion of fossil fuels, reducing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or gas leaks.

How Much Money Will a High Heat Retention Storage Heater Save Me?

High retention storage heaters can certainly save you money, especially if you’re currently using standard storage heaters, as they’re around 27% cheaper to run. However, if you’re using an electric radiator system, you may find high retention storage heaters 47% cheaper. The amount of money you save will of course depend on your current energy consumption and the energy tariff you move to, but high retention storage heaters are a smart decision for many households.

Are Storage Heaters Good for Your EPC Rating?

Yes, storage heaters can improve your EPC rating, though this depends on the rest of your home as well. Your overall EPC rating is judged by a wide range of factors, from your heating system to your insulation, but as high heat retention storage heaters are a very efficient way to heat your home, they’re likely to contribute towards your EPC positively.

How Do I Use Storage Heaters?

Most high heat retention storage heaters are easy to use and will be equipped with user-friendly control options, which may come in the form of a physical control panel or even a remote control or app. You’ll be able to better monitor your heating, schedule a heating cycle and check up on charging whenever you need to.

Can Storage Heaters Be Moved?

If you currently have a storage or electric heater that you’d like to replace with a high heat retention storage heater, it can absolutely be moved. Storage heaters don’t always have to be in the same place, so take this as an opportunity to work out where it would be best to position your storage heaters for maximum comfort.

How Much Does It Cost to Install High Heat Retention Storage Heaters?

Costs will depend on how many storage heaters you need to install, whether you need any existing storage heaters removed and how complex the installation will be. It can cost over £1000 to install a brand new storage heater system, while replacing just one heater with a new one could be as little as £100. However, it’s best to get a quote before booking any work, as this will help you to better understand your needs and whether your project fits in with your budget.

Will Storage Heaters Be Phased Out?

There are no plans to phase out high heat retention storage heaters, as they’re such an efficient way of heating homes. Not only can they save households money, but they also contribute to reduced carbon emissions and have a positive impact on the planet compared to standard panel heaters or a traditional electric heater.

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