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Rural Chepstow

Domestic Case Study 3 – Woodhaven

Rural property goes green with a ground source heat pump

This rural property located in Chepstow has coordinated it’s stunning green scenery with the green, sustainable heating option of a ground source heat pump. Thanks to their green initiative, they have saved 146 tonnes of carbon, equivalent to 33 trips around the world! By switching from oil, they will also benefit from a significant fuel saving of over £18k over the lifetime of the pump. Combing this saving with the generous government grant available, this investment will be completely recouped within 9 years.

About The Property

A modern house with a manicured garden extending over two-thirds of an acre, cultivated for all year round colour and interest. Level front garden and gently sloping rear garden with extensive views of the surrounding valley.
This customer saw a ground source heat pump as an excellent opportunity to finally be rid of their old, inefficient and expensive oil boiler.

About The Install

This customer received a bespoke renewable system, sized according to their peak heat load which was evaluated by a thorough heat loss survey and subsequent modelling.

We installed a 12kw CTC EcoPart heat pump with buffer tank and cylinder. The heat pump is housed comfortably in a small, custom built shed adjacent to the property. Based on the space available along with the need to manoeuvre around a manicured garden, three 100m deep boreholes were drilled. The manifold, where the ground loops collate, connects to the heat pump via a 1m deep trench. Neither the boreholes or the trench leave any mark, and once the work is completed you wouldn’t know that they were there.

Ground Source Heat Pump
Ground Source Heat Pump
Ground Source Heat Pump
Ground Source Heat Pump

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