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Cotswold Cottage

Cotswold cottage reduces carbon footprint with a ground source heat pump

This customer was keen to replace an old, inefficient boiler and rightly so. A ground source heat pump was the perfect solution for them to rid themselves of oil and heat their home in a renewable way. Over the 20 year lifetime of their new heat pump, this customer will reduce their carbon footprint by 147 tonnes – the equivalent of taking both of their cars off the road. Pairing this system with an underfloor heating distribution system means that the customer will save an impressive £16,518 in fuel bills during the heat pumps lifetime. Combining this with the £30.5k of government subsidy they will be receiving over the next 7 years, this was a straight forward investment decision for the customer.

About The Property

This customer wanted to build an extension to their country home. The existing oil boiler was not able to cope with the heating demand required.
Taking advantage of the fact that there would already be digging commencing for the foundations of the extension, along with not wanting to spend even more money on a new boiler – it was a perfect time to switch to a ground source heat pump.

About The Install

As with all of our customers, we supplied a bespoke renewable system according to the size and heat demands of the property. We installed a sleek NIBE 12kw unit, similar in size and weight to a slim fridge.

Boreholes were drilled in the garden – the perfect solution when there is not a massive amount of surface area.

The heat pump itself was installed in the garage, taking up very little space.

The system was setup alongside underfloor heating (UFH) which allows the system to run at lower temperatures. This has the knock on impact of minimising heating bills and as well as maximising the amount of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) received.

Ground Source Heat Pump
Ground Source Heat Pump
Ground Source Heat Pump

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