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What is Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI scheme) and how do I get it?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (soon to be followed by the Clean Heat Grant) is a Government heating grant aimed at encouraging home owners and businesses to switch to renewable heating technologies and move away from traditional fossil fuel systems that consume our planet’s resources. The government is committed to ensuring that the country reaches net carbon zero by 2050.

Current government heating grants for heat pumps are capped at ca.£11,500 for Air Source Heat Pump installations and ca. £35,000 for Ground Source Heat Pump installations and the subsidy is paid directly to you over every quarter over a period of 7 years.

In a domestic setting, you need to be the owner of the property, self-build properties are also eligible to receive RHI payments. The payments are tax-free and are not financially means tested.

All of the heat pump technologies we supply and install are eligible for RHI payments and are certified under The Microgeneration Certification Scheme. After we install and commission you new renewable heating system, you will be eligible to receive RHI payments. Once accepted, your payments are fixed for the duration of the contract (currently 7 years for domestic customers).

Even if the government makes changes to the scheme or withdraws RHI altogether your payments are fixed regardless of any future changes. BEIS (The government department responsible for the Renewable Heat Incentive) have indicated that the Renewable Heat Incentive is due to be superseded by the Clean Heat Grant.

RHI Scheme

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