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The Perfect Customer

The truth is, absolutely anyone can install a heat pump. From a small terrace flat to a luxurious mansion, heat pumps can benefit absolutely everyone.

We have done plenty of installs in our time, and the great thing is that no house or customer is the same.

From the oldest, draughtiest house to the newest barn conversions or smallest flats, there is an option for everyone.

If you decide to get a heat pump and take advantage of the current government subsidy (RHI – renewable heat incentive), you could potentially reduce your energy bill by an incredible 40-50%.

Traditionally, we tend to get most of our customers switching over from oil as this enables them to save the most most money and reduce their carbon footprint the most. However, customers switching from mains gas also have the potential to save on energy costs, and an additional benefit they experience is having a clean source of energy.

So, in reality, there is no ‘perfect’ customer, as each one will be different. The RHI exists to be helpful for anyone that wants to venture into a cleaner and incredibly effective and efficient source of heat for their house. So, if you think about it, who wouldn’t want to potentially save hundreds of pounds whilst exponentially reducing their carbon footprint if they have the chance?!

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