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Budget 2020 – RHI Extension

March Budget 2020 – Renewable Heat Incentive Extended

The recent announcement that the government will extend the Domestic RHI in Great Britain until 31st March 2022 will send shock waves through the renewable heating industry. It is terrific to see that our government has come through on their green promises and extended the incentives for renewable heating technologies such as ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps.

Whilst not quite the RHI successor scheme announcement that many thought was coming, this means that Cotswold Energy Group will be able to help even more people benefit from RHI whilst cutting their carbon footprints. Now you have the opportunity to join the thousands that have already benefited from subsidy and help the journey towards net carbon zero.

This is a very promising and committed step towards our target of net zero by 2050. The government have recognised that heating our homes is harming the planet. In fact, heating contributes one third of our total greenhouse gas emissions.

It is not only the domestic homeowner that will benefit from this RHI extension as the government are also introducing a new allocation of flexible tariff guarantees to the non-domestic RHI in March 2021, helping to provide investment certainty for the larger and more cost-effective renewable heat projects.

As an industry already on the up, this is very exciting news for the future of heat pumps.

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