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Air Source Heat Pumps

Contrary to popular belief, air source heat pumps can work well in winter. Here’s why an air source heat pump remains a top choice for heating your UK home.

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In 2018, nearly 18 million homeowners purchased heat pumps. That number was 4 million more than the households that installed heat pumps in 2010.

The popularity of air source heat pumps has been on the rise over the last decade, thanks to the many financial and environmental benefits associated with them.

Heat pumps cool or heat space using air convectors, radiators, and underfloor heating systems. But how different is this system from a conventional one? More importantly, is a heat pump really worth investing in?

In this article, we show you why an air source heat pump is the best way to keep you warm this winter.

1. They Are Highly Energy Efficient

What methods do you use to keep your heating and cooling costs low? Switching from your traditional heating system to an air source heat pump can result in massive energy savings.

Heat pumps have an average coefficient of performance (COP) of 350%. This means that they produce 3.5 kilowatts of heating or cooling power for every 1 kilowatt of electrical energy they consume. Given that conventional gas boilers have a COP of 70-80%, air source heat pumps are the undisputed winners in the heat pump vs. gas debate when it comes to energy efficiency.

2. Heat Pumps Provide both Heating and Cooling

How cool is it to have one system for both your heating and cooling needs? That’s an optional extra if you install a heat pump system.

The system can provide space heating or cooling at the touch of a button using a remote, a wall monitor, or a phone app. Due to the nature of its design, air source heating system works very quickly. Once the system has heated or cooled a space, it can sustain the desired temperature for as long as you want.

3. Heat Pumps Come With Huge Financial Benefits

One of the first things homeowners are concerned about is the initial heat pump system cost. Interestingly, heat pump systems are not as expensive to install as many people think. And, after the initial outlay, the energy savings that come with the system will, in the long run, outweigh the initial cost of central air source heat pump.

Plus who wouldn’t like to increase the value of their home? Air source heat pumps have been proven to add significant value to a property. Should you want to sell your home several years down the road, your heat pump system will be one of the major selling points.

4. An Air Source Heat Pump Greatly Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

Because heat pumps don’t directly use combustion when generating heat, there aren’t any carbon emissions. The only carbon emissions experienced in the use of heat pumps are at the point of electricity production. Even then, the amount of electricity used to run the compressor is very little.

Air source heat pumps also use either R32 or R410A refrigerant, whose release does not harm the ozone layer. When it comes to the heating and cooling of your home, heat pumps are the most eco-friendly option in the market at the moment.

5. Heat Pumps Can Help Enhance Your Home’s Air Quality

Your indoor air quality is essential, but what are you doing to ensure that it stays in peak condition? Why not install a heating and cooling solution that has no risk of polluting the air?

A heat pump system does not burn anything to provide heat in your home. Therefore, there’s never any risk of carbon monoxide from the system filling your indoor air. And unlike traditional HVAC systems, heat pumps don’t dry out the air, so there’s a better balance of humidity and comfort in your living space.

Heat pump systems can also clean and purify air through their filters. The system removes smoke, dust, odours, mould spores, and other particles in the air. Heat pump systems are thus excellent for people with allergies and asthma.

6. Heat Pumps Are Easy To Maintain

Once you’ve installed a heat pump system, how much work should you put in to make sure that the system stays in top shape for a long time? Fortunately, heat pump systems are a lot easier to maintain than combustion heating systems.

Firstly, heat pump systems usually come with a warranty of up to seven years. Their workmanship warranties can also last for years, and you can often opt for a warranty extension for a fee. Should the system develop a problem, the warranty takes care of it.

The typical air source heating system requires a professional service every year. Such regular maintenance is enough to make the system operate for 25 years or more.

7. Heat Pump Can Help Prevent Condensation

Condensation in your home can be both annoying and destructive, but how can you keep it at bay?

Well, if you opt to use a heat pump for cooling during the summer, the system automatically dehumidifies your room using the heat pump function. Come winter, the heat pump circulates warm air around your living space, effectively reducing condensation.

8. Installing Heat Pumps Can Earn You Subsidies

Homeowners who opt for heat pumps stand to benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. But what is RHI and, more importantly, how can it benefit you as a homeowner?

The RHI is a scheme by the government whose aim is to encourage households and businesses to switch away from traditional fossil fuel systems to renewable heating technologies. The goal is to make sure that by 2020, 12 percent of heating is from renewable resources.

All property owners are eligible for RHI payments. These payments are tax-free for domestic customers and fixed for seven years for homeowners and 20 years for non-domestic customers. Regardless of whether the government withdraws RHI or makes changes to it, you still continue to enjoy payments for the duration of the contract.

Don’t Miss Out on This Winter Deal

An air source heat pump comes with a multitude of advantages, which makes it a wise investment for any homeowner. The system is one of the most efficient means of saving both your money and the environment.

If you’d like to consider a heat pump for your heating needs this winter, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Why not contact us today?

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